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Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud
& Managed Kubernetes.

Unlock the Future of Business Efficiency with Our Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud, and Managed Kubernetes Solutions: Robust Performance Meets Seamless Scalability, Wrapped in Security and Managed by Experts to Drive Your Success in the Ever-Changing Digital Landscape.


Experience effortless website hosting in the cloud, paired with the intuitive control of cPanel, to bring your online presence to life with speed, reliability, and ease.


Experience excellence with our cloud servers, powered by KVM, high-performance NVMe, scalable SSD storage, and low-latency networking – your solution for speed and growth.


When the cloud falls short, turn to our dedicated servers, offering exclusive resources and enhanced security to power your most critical applications with confidence and control.


Unleash the power of efficiency with our managed services, providing scalable, secure, and hassle-free operations that empower you to focus on what matters most.

What makes us better than our competitors

99.99% Network Uptime
Banii Inapoi in 30 de Zile
Monitorizarea proactivă
Alegerea Sistemului de Operare
Instalarea Automată a Sistemului de Operare
Partiționare personalizată a discului
Echipamente Performante

Upgrade Resurse Live
Control Total
Foarte Scalabil
Implementare Rapidă
Administrare cPanel
Software / Backups
Administrarea la distanță a resurselor de energie

Custom Cloud Infrastructure

Managed IaaS & Kubernetes: Empowering Your Growth with Seamless Scalability and Innovation.

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Private IaaS offers businesses tailored control and scalability, delivering a secure infrastructure that aligns perfectly with specific needs and compliance requirements. It's an economical solution that never compromises on performance.

Kubernetes complements this by providing agile container orchestration, automating deployment, and management. It encourages rapid innovation, offering a resilient and efficient environment for growth.

Our services

At Pidgin Host performance is critical, this is why you will find SSD or NVMe as default option on all of our hosting, cloud and dedicated server plans.

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Free .com domain name for every purchased dedicated server.

Data Center


Security and Surveillance
Network Infrastructure
UPS and Power Generator
Temperature and Humidification Control
Fire Suppression Systems and Detectors